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Why Today serving Hygienic food is more important than ever before?

It goes without saying that most customers are very conscious about the hygienic level while eating food in any restaurants and eateries. If a customer picks up any hygienic issue with his/her food, it may result in a very awkward situation for the restaurant owner. In the past, such tricky situations were immediately resolved by placing a re-order but today the scenario has completely changed. Today in the wake of intense competition if a customer ends up picking any issue on critical front like hygienic level of the food, the restaurant may end up losing a potential loyal customer. Therefore today most restaurants and eateries are in huge pressure to maintain high hygienic standards for their customers.

However, maintaining high hygienic standards is a herculean task for most restaurant owners, since their catering staff mostly constitutes of human laborers. It is all too well known that huge dependence on human laborers makes restaurants prone to making lapses on hygienic front. While minor issues like pluck of hair or nail falling into food is always a huge possibility, human chefs also bring along with them the risk of contagious as well as non-contagious diseases for customers.

So, what is the practical solution? Of course, restaurant owners can ill afford to fire all the catering staff under the pretext of hygienic issue. But what they can certainly afford to do is reduce the dependence on human caterers by bringing robotic machines into their kitchen. Robotic machines like dosa maker, roti making machine and several other modern machines offers efficient services with bare minimum intervention by humans.

There minimal dependence on humans is what makes these machines highly reliable in serving hygienic food to your customers. In fact, Mukunda food’s very own Dosamatic machine and Doughbot machine make dosas and rotis with mere touch of a button. Hence in the case of our machines, the human intervention is almost negligible. This fact should make all the restaurant owners completely carefree about hygienic issues.

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