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Why did we make a new website?

 Simple, 80% of our orders and 90% of our enquiries have come directly from the website. There have been a plethora of people who visited our website, saw our old dosa machine and felt elated. There have been people writing to us from Delhi, Kochi, Coimbatore, Rhishikesh, Melbourne, New York, Singapore, Srikakulam and many places. 

When we started the company way back, we felt that 95% of our sales would come from offline marketing activities or through trade shows and exhibitions. The online community has proved us grossly wrong. We never estimated that so many people would visit our website and give us an opportunity to serve them. To all the people who would visit us, we want you to leave with a memorable experience. We felt that the current website did not give you enough information about us, and you did not enjoy browsing on it.

To the hundreds of people that come to our website from the nook and corner of the world we want to give you two things:-

1- A great website, that helps you take a decision about the DosaMatic
2- Great content, about product development, new manufacturing techniques, insights about the hotel industry, guest blogs from hoteliers and about the interactions between food and machine

We have a committed team to serve all your online needs. We promise to reply & get in touch with you within 24 hours of getting an enquiry. We will slowly bring a social connect to the website, get tweets, FB posts and the quora discussions onto the website. We will also put up testimonials from clients and dosa tasters. We will do this and many more things to help the online community that comes in to our door step.We are also working on a new video of the latest DosaMatic, that will be self explanatory and clear all your doubts regarding the Dosa Machine.

We will post stats and reports from our venture, somethings that worked for us and somethings that did not work, our research work about the eatery business, some gyan from our product team & loads of promotional work about DosaMatic.

Do drop us a line about any bugs, suggested changes or a line that “You were here”. It would bring us a smile.

At last for the record, our old website looked like this one mentioned above, it did it’s work of getting thousands of people to know about us and DosaMatic. Rest assured you will see more online activity from Mukunda Foods and content about the interactions between food and machine!


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