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Why is fat good for health!

You might be wondering when some one suggests you to eat butter i.e more of fatty foods like ghee,cheese,cream,fried foods etc. in today’s world where everyone is shuttling for a size zero, a six or eight pack abs and the lowest possible measurement of clothes. Unfortunately this is automatically resulting in low intake of the good fats too which is bad for all age groups as fats are very significant from an infant to an elderly person.

Fats have received a bad reputation over the last decade, resulting in a plethora of low-fat diet programs and fat-free food products. While certain types of fats or excessively high amounts can be problematic, fats are actually vital to our body. They are essential components of all body tissues and are especially important in the development of cell membranes, the retina and brain tissue. Our body requires fats and oils to support proper growth and development, particularly during infancy and childhood.

Many a people flock around us to give advice on dietary habits. And by default, they ask you to include a lot many fresh fruits and leafy vegetables in our daily food routine.However,Vitamins A, D, E and K that are obtained from vegetables and eggs,meat are fat-soluble, meaning that you need fat to absorb them properly. If you cut out fat completely, you can develop deficiencies of these vitamins. Vitamin deficiencies may cause many problems, such as night blindness from a lack of Vitamin A or weak bones from a lack of Vitamin D. So next time, caution people about the forgotten fat too.

Additionally, Fats help to protect vital organs inside the body by providing a layer of cushioning. They also insulate the body and regulate body temperature. Fats slow gastric emptying and prolong satiety, which can help both children and adults feel more satisfied with their meal.This does not mean that junk food and lots of fat is good.It is definitely bad as it accumulates all the harmful agents in your body. Therefore intake of the traditional fats like ghee is very healthy but complete avoidance of fats is bad. Similarly, limitless consumption causes harm.

Relish your taste buds with the right amount of nutrition daily and live a active hearty life! Bon Apetie…

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