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raghuram rajan and dosa

What Raghuram Rajan had to say about dosas

“In real life, I have a query on Dosa prices — when inflation rates go up, Dosa prices go up, but when inflation rates are lower, the Dosa prices are not lowered. What is happening to our beloved Dosa, sir?” asked a Dosa-loving engineering student at a Federal Bank event in Kochi. Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan replied by blaming the lack of upgraded technology in the preparation of Dosas. It is definitely interesting to note how there is no technological improvement taking place in making of such a humble and ever-loving south Indian dish.

As one can see, a dosa is generally prepared in the same customary style by spreading the batter on tawa. Since there is no improvement in the technology hence high wages are paid to the person who prepares it! It is so obvious that, as and when the inflation rates go up, so does the rates of a dosa without coming down- Says our RBI governor.

Let us dive into the depth of the topic.

The price of a product is determined by the combination of Cost of ingredients and Cost of Labour. Ultimately when the inflation rates decrease, the cost of ingredientsalso decrease. But the cost of labour used in the preparation remains the same. Due to which the cost of labour keeps increasing and doesn’t decrease because the wage of a person cannot be reduced. Hence resulting in expensive dosas.
So isn’t it the right time to ‘think’ about improved technologies such as Dosamatic, which is preparing dosas in huge numbers within no time! Yes, you can savour this amazing dish with the same traditional taste stirred in it. Dosamatic is trying to bring ‘that’ required shift to ‘create’ balance in the economy. With this latest technology the price of a dosa remains the same without diminishing the traditional taste of the dish. Amazing isn’t it? Yes it is!

The technology has been doing wonders in over 16 countries across the world and over 150 outlets in India. Needless to mention, Dosamatic has spread its wings to Assam and Kashmir where the people has zero knowledge about this wonderful dish. These non-dosa eaters are now savouring dosas and making themselves feel like in heaven.

Nevertheless, Dr. Rajan has rightly pointed out that the biggest problem in the restaurant industry is lack of advancement in the technology. This crisis can be easily eliminated with the innovation of new technology like Dosamatic.

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