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Traditional Foods Of Karnataka

Is your tongue craving for something tasty and scrumptious? Then Karnataka is the right place to stopover. It is not wrong to say that food is the greatest attraction of Karnataka. Nevertheless it would be difficult to decide which cuisine is tastily prepared by the native people of the state. Without a doubt they are rich in taste and nutritious as well. The dishes are sure to grab you back and compel you to fulfill your food cravings.
The cuisine of Karnataka comprises of a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes prepared from nook and corners of the state. The entire taste and flavors varies from one region to another depending on the availability of ingredients. You can take delight in Udupi, Malnadu, Mangalore, Kodagu, North and South Karnataka dishes which are worth relishing. It is difficult to pen a lengthy list of all the traditional food of Karnataka. But here is an attempt to find the best and tasty culinary foods of the state.
The north Karnataka cuisines include something like Jola roti, Thallipeet which is prepared tastily from Jowar flour. These rotties are enjoyed with spicy and mouthwatering curies namely; Enne kathirikai, Badane kaayi playa, Jhunka etc. In addition to this you can also hunt for lip-smacking sweets such as Belgaum khunda, yellu and shenga holige etc.
Now travelling to south Karnataka, you can savor on the most traditional dish that is Ragi mudde (Raagi ball) which is made from raagi flour. Ragi rotti, Akki rotti, Vangi bathm, Kesari bath, Benne dosa, Idli and Bisi bele bath are few other dishes you might like to taste.
Mangalorean menu is generally very spicy yet tasty. It uses fruits and rice as the base ingredient in many of the recipes. The residents enjoy eating rice in many forms such as kori roti, sannas, and neer dosa. Patrode is a must dish to be tasted when you visit Mangalore. In addition the people Kodava have a wide variety of popular dishes such as Pandi curry, Koli curry, Bembla curry, Kadumbuttu, Nool puttu etc.
Apart from the above mentioned traditional dishes Mysore pak, Obbattu, Chiroti Shavige payasa are few more popular sweets savored as the traditional food by the people of Karnataka. So what are you still waiting for? Get your cravings fulfilled with all the cookeries and stay robust.

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