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This Ashram is Serving Free Dosas For Their Pilgrims, With Dosa Making Bots

As part of the philanthropic endeavors undertaken by the Sri Shreedhara Paduka Ashrama, Sirsi, Karnataka, free dosas are served to pilgrims every day.  As the influence of the ashrama increased, so did the number of visiting pilgrims. But their visits were spread through the day. The ashrama authorities faced many challenges in catering to the pilgrims. As the pilgrims arrived at all hours spread across the day, there was a need to have a full-time chef to prepare dosas. As the geographical location of the ashrama was far removed from city limits, they could not attract or retain good chefs. Further, the pilgrims could not wait for long to be served dosas.

How did the ashrama achieve the objective of serving hot dosas to pilgrims, irrespective of the time they arrived?

The authorities at the ashrama kitchen decided to invest in an automatic dosa maker to ease the pressures of making dosas on such a large scale. However, it did not function as imagined. The automatic dosa maker they purchased was bulky, expensive to use and maintain.

How dosamatic helped

When we heard about the problems ailing the ashrama kitchen, we knew we had a solution to set things right. While there are other commercial dosa making machines in the market, none can beat the efficiency and ease of using the DosaMatic.

DosaMatic is the world’s first table top dosa making machine. A touch of a button is all that is needed to create 99+ types of dosas, in an energy efficient manner. What’s more? You don’t need an experienced chef supervising your dosa counter! And it has an auto clean option!! Isn’t this what every commercial kitchen would love to have?  

With the conveniences offered by DosaMatic, the Ashram successfully achieved the efficiencies of creating upto 60 dosas per hour at an optimum cost per dosa. The pilgrims now enjoyed free, hot and tasty dosas, anytime they visited the ashrama!

Comparison table

Let’s now take a look at some of the salient features of the DosaMatic that make it a worthy investment in your kitchen.

Features Available Brand XYZ Dosa Maker DosaMatic
Table Top Model No Yes
Portable No Yes
Fueled by Electricity No Yes
Automatic Cleaning Option No Yes
Run on LPG Yes No
High Energy Costs Yes No
Specialised labor required for operating and cleaning machine Yes No
Machine problem resolution for customers through ticketing system No Yes
Easy to maintain No Yes
Can make 50-60 dosas per hour No Yes
Assurance of standardization in quality & size of dosa No Yes
Free warranty for one year within India No Yes

With an impressive list of clients who have been delighted with its performance, the DosaMatic has been a leader in bringing forth the benefits of technology to the commercial kitchens in India. Further, this success has been replicated by exporting the DosaMatic to nearly 20 countries and we continue to grow.

If you are in the food business, you are no stranger to the pressures of hiring and retaining chefs. By allowing technology into your kitchen, you are in a better position to combat these pressures. Being a kitchen robotic company, we are perfectly poised to help you gain higher cost efficiencies without compromising on taste and quality.

It’s time to revolutionise food making and the DosaMatic is a sound investment into growing your business to new heights.

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