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The Not-So-Good Things About Eating in a Fancy Restaurant

Fancy restaurant, multi cuisine restaurant or upscale restaurant, call them by any name, but one thing that defines them is their solemn promise that they will be miles better than most of the ordinary budget restaurants. Better food, better ambience and better service, albeit everything comes at a cost of a huge bill.

But we may not be entirely wrong, if we claim that many upscale restaurants in their bid to stand out tend to overdo things. Things that end up dampening our spirit and leave us with a sour experience. Below we’ve jolted some points that we feel qualifies in the list of over-the-top things that most of these fancy restaurants indulge in.

Many may not agree to these points, but there will be many who will. This is to say that these points are completely objective and not subjective.

Food Served on the Plate is so Scarce

When you’ve being literally charged a bomb, you’ve right to expect decent amount of food on your platter. However, most expensive restaurants play the perfect role of being a ‘miser’ as they serve just about decent amount of food. If you want anything better than decent, then you’ll have to place a new order. In case if you feel like being cheated or robbed, then only option you have is to silently muster the feeling. It is like test of our tolerance level, which hardly helps in making the restaurant management feel apologetic about their stinginess.

Showing off Their Artistic Feat          

There is nothing wrong when restaurants work hard to make the food look rich and exotic. This is something that most multi-cuisine restaurants follow religiously. But when they go overboard doing it, then you have to ask what is the point in doing it? We mean if it does not add to the taste of my food, then all the time and money invested is like a colossal waste. Not to mention not everyone is a Facebook (FB) fanatic, who love to show off on their FB profile pages that they just ate an exotic looking food at overtly expensive restaurant.

Waiters Behaving Like Good Boys 

It is not that waiters of budget restaurants ill-treat their customers in any way. But all the good mannerism exhibited by waiters in high class restaurants comes across too good to be true. Their extra politeness and constant ‘yes sir’ can pass as a perfect lesson on ‘how not to fake good mannerism.’ Our entire argument is why they don’t just keep it simple, so that we don’t have to try too hard to believe their good mannerisms.

Can’t Even Think of Going Without a Makeup

Many a times visiting a fancy restaurant is almost like visiting a Page 3 party. If this sounds an exaggeration, then try asking people how much time they spend in front of the mirror before visiting a nearby fancy restaurant. The obvious answer would be that they not only spend time on makeup, but they spend hell lot of time. It is like people are desperately trying to prove that they are indeed cut out to eat in such an upscale restaurant.

If you decide to shed this stereotypical trend and enter in one of those fancy restaurant in a simple make-up, then you’re act of bravado must be appreciated. However, not many will choose to tread on such a risky path, and will choose to spend hours on their make-up.

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