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The Latest NRAI Survey tells us About Where Indian Cities Love to eat..And it is Worth Reading

They say that no two persons are same, but neither are two cities. A recent study by the National Restaurants Association of India (NRAI) has found that Indian cities have varying food habits when it comes to choosing their venues. While mumbaikars love to munch their food at restaurants, delhities don’t and so is the case with India’s city of joy, Kolkata. There are many such interesting revelations made by this survey, which are worthy of your attention….especially if you happen to be a foodie. So here we go…

As we just mentioned that people of financial city Mumbai love eating at restaurants, this includes both standalone restaurants and restaurants operating inside luxurious hotels. The financial capital also has the largest share in India’s organized food market, with standalone restaurants accounting for maximum share.

In case of Delhi, love for eating in a restaurant is on a downside. The NRAI survey found that people in national capital would rather love to entice their appetite at fast food chains, cafes and street food stalls. In fact delhities love for fast food chain is indeed very profound, as survey found that McDonald’s, Subway, Dominos and other popular fast food chains enjoy maximum patronage in the capital city. In unorganized market too, Delhi takes the cake.

Bengaluru, India’s Silicon Valley, has no such love for food stalls. It is organized market that rules the roost in India’s IT city, with restaurants and fast food joints enjoying a bigger share. But in city of joy, Kolkata, it is food stalls all the way. In fact, the survey found that Kolkata’s business from food stalls is more than twice as big as the organized segment. Clearly, street food is the king in heart of Bengal.

The survey found that India’s food market is worth Rs 3,09,110 crore in all and is expected to reach Rs 4,98,130 crore by 2021. It also claimed that food market in second tier cities like Jaipur, Lucknow, Surat, Nagpur, Kanpur, Indore and Goa is growing at brisk pace.

However, there was one unpleasant fact that this survey brought forth. That the per capita spend on food services by India’s urban population is still are less than US and China.

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