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The Electric SUV That’s Going To Change The Way You Look At Cars Model-X

Haven’t you been introduced to the SUV where the doors open when you approach, where the seats can configure themselves based on the number of people getting into the car, and where the doors allow easy access with plenty of extra storage for bags and luggage? Yes! The world’s best designed SUV from Tesla Motors is here, the gorgeous, the super-fast, the safest and the fastest “Model X” is out with all its jaw dropping features. It would be a crime to not call this a gadget than a vehicle.

Unveiled at Tesla’s design studios as a concept car in February 2012, the Model X has being prepared as a production model for the 2015 model year. Tesla has been teasing the world with the design to this model since 2012 and the launch of this super car has made the wait worthwhile. What is it that one might expect in a SUV? All of those are spectacular features of Model X

Be it the interiors, convertible seats, its falcon wing doors or its outer body which can resist the strongest and most disastrous accidents, Tesla’s this model seems to have fulfilled the imaginary desires of the SUV lovers.

Before you start collecting your expectations on your conscious mind, let’s introduce you to the heights where Model X stands in the race of cars. Tesla launched only six cars of “Model X” and handed over the keys of this sleek and seductive, luxurious car with performance and price beyond any electric vehicle on sale today. Model X comes with a 90 kwh battery providing a journey from Bangalore to Chennai in a fully charged battery, a 259-horsepower-equivalent electric motor that powers the front wheels, and a 503-horsepower motor that powers the rear. It can hit 96 kilometre per hour in 3.8 seconds (even faster with ludicrous mode) and has a top speed of 249 kilometre per hour; this shall be your weapon to lure your girlfriend)

Coming to the most amazing part of Model X, which Tesla Motors introduced in the Model S, is the centre touch screen which controls everything from the climate, to the radio, to the charging status and available range of the car. You can also start the car, unlock it, open and close the doors, and activate the horn and headlamps on the Model X using an app on your phone.

What else did your expectations contain? We are sure this wasn’t on your list but it’s in Model X! The SUV will come with filters that offer cabin air cleanliness on par with an operating room of a hospital. It was jokingly stated by Elon Musk that the filters are so effective; they can be used in the event of a biological weapon attack. In typical Tesla playfulness, there is even an air filter setting called “Bioweapon Defense Mode.”

Based on these features, the Model X could be one of the first great autonomous cars and the world keeps up the excitement to drive this super amazing car until it hits the markets in the latter 2016. Well, Indians might have to wait a bit longer but we hope this wait shall prove to be worthy. We would only say “Elon baba, bring the car to India at its super fast pace :D”

Oh did we also forget to tell, Tesla offers free charging stations and a 5 year warranty for the cars, Elon is doing to mobility what Apple is doing to communications!

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