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The Dosa taste every 100 miles!- Part 2

The previous blog talked about the dosa variants in the Garden City of Bangalore and the temple city of Chennai. We now move onto more dosa variants, more flavors, more ingredients, and of course better taste!

Hyderabad, the Nawabi city is not only famous for the Hyderabadi Biriyani, but also for sumptuous dosas- as you go by the lanes of the city, you can see numerous dosa freaks out there. Dosas here are a combination of dosas in Chennai and Bangalore, and are mainly eaten here for breakfast They are thicker than Chennai and roughly 3 shades lighter than the ones in Bangalore and are accompanied by their signature sambar and groundnut chutney.

Within Hyderabad itself, there are 2 segments which consume dosas differently- in their own way- one that consumes masala dosa and onion dosas , and the other  in places such as Charminar, Kacheguda etc., specialize in panneer dosas. Another difference in the dosas from Hyderabad is that masala dosas come with a dash of suji ka upma, where before the masala is added, a layer of upma is added onto the dosa, along with chutney, a little powder, some pepper, thinly sliced onions and tomatoes, lots of butter and mashed potato masala.

When you step onto the lanes of Hyderabad, the aroma of the oil, butter or ghee on the dosa pulls you like a magnet to the dosa stall to savor the yummy dosas. J

Rajhmundry & Kakinada, along the coastal belt of Andhra Pradesh is known for rich rivers and fertile lands. In this part of the country, people mostly consume dosas made from green gram, popularly called the ‘Pesarattu’, which is prepared by grinding soaked green gram with green chillies.. The dosa here has 3 major constituents, namely soft upma, finely chopped onions and green chilles and are accompanied only with ginger chutney.

In Orissa, dosas resemble the ones in Chennai where they are not made that crisp nor do they consume much of oil to make them go rustic brown with flavor. Dosas here are served with yellow peas and potato curry. These dosas are accompanied with coconut chutney or tadka dal. The batter here is very watery and runs around the pan spreading itself.

Dosas make a sumptuous meal, be it early in the morning for breakfast, or for an evening tiffin, or for dinner, which is rich in carbohydrates and helps you stay active through the day!

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