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India is a land of most diversity when it comes to food with over 3 million varieties of food items. Making each food item is an art by itself, with dosas being one of the top items that require a skilled hand at work- considering its shape, thickness, batter consistency, crispiness and color!

It is said that the taste of water and that of dosas change every 100miles in India. In India, there are some major “Dosa Stories”.

Bangalore, the start-up capital of India has fluffy, deep red in color, sweetish dosas as one of its most major staple foods. The dosas carry a unique roast that spreads the aroma to tingle your nostrils. The dosas in Bangalore do not have even a single white spot- they are roasted so well to perfection. The dosas are accompanied with think coconut chutney with a dash of mustard and crushed coriander. Sometimes dosas are smeared with red chutney and may also contain masala made of potatoes to adding more to the flavor. In short to have Brick red dosas, with thick chutney and high amount of spices, Bengaluru Banni!

Chennai, the city of beautiful beaches and temples, has people eat dosas for dinner- though dosas are available in major eatouts all day long, idlis are generally consumed in the mornings and dosas in the night. The dosas down south are thinner and are mostly accompanied with their traditional juicy sambar. The dosas here stand like a thin sheet of paper. Dosas here are accompanied by Sambhar and a variety of chutneys which majorly are the coconut chutney, mint chutney and tomato chutney. The best way to eat dosas in Tamil Nadu is to pour all the sambar you can on them and add the 3 chutneys in the folds of the dosas, the more the dosas soak in the combination, the more tastier they become, it is not only you who eats the dosa, you are feeding your soul. 

So the baseline of the story, yes, DosaMatic can make brick red, fluffy dosas of Bangalore and also the paper crisp dosas of Chennai… “Bringing oneness in manyness…”

Keep hooked to see about dosas from “Hyderabad- The nizam’s,” more about the dosas from Rajhmundry, Kakinada… and Odhisha….baba re baba… :)


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