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The comeback of Food Vending Machines: Pizza, Burrito, Sushi and Dosamatic Machines Are Set To Change The Fast Food World.

There was a time when fast food restaurants across American city worked way different than today’s modern fast food restaurants. This was precisely more than 80 years back, when American restaurants used ‘vending machines’ and not ‘human waiters’ to dispense food for their customers.

This may sound crazy given that back then America and world at large was still not as technically advanced as the modern 21st century. But the fact remains Automat restaurants that were exclusively loaded with vending machines to dish out food were becoming a rage across U.S. during 20th century.

The first Automat restaurant opened in Philadelphia in 1902. But Automat took off in a big way only after it started its operation in New York City in 1912. New York City’s money power and dynamic market size laid the foundation for Automat’s soaring success. The northern industrial cities especially lapped up the Automat vending machine. The working class families of industrial cities were smitten by the fact that their orders were been served by a vending machine and not typical human waiter.

Back then it looked like Automat restaurants are about to take over entire American market. However, Automat’s success story came to a premature end after fast food industry witnessed sweeping changes. Fast food restaurants started serving food over-the-counter rather than through vending machines to adapt to fast paced lifestyle. The inflation factor and lack of payment method also contributed to Automat’s sudden demise. By 1970’s Automat restaurants had become a part of popular American folklore that brought whiff of nostalgia for an entire generation.

However, the story of an Automat seems to be like that of a Hollywood hero that has a tenacity to make a comeback when you least expect it. This is to say that Automat machines have again resurrected. Reports indicate that pizza, Burrito and sushi vending machines will be soon spotted across fast food restaurants in prominent American cities.

The information about how these vending machines would look and function is still quite vague, but they have certainly managed to create a buzz in the air. There is also similar buzz happening in India as well. The reason for that is again a machine, but is bit different from typical food vending machines.
This is Dosamatic machine that makes delicious and crisp dosas in fraction of a minute. All that chef has to do is put little batter into the machine, press few knobs and delicious crisp dosa is ready in no time.

Experts argue that these food vending machines come with several inherent advantages that will pave their way for a sure shot success. Be it productivity, cost effectiveness or standardization in quality. Some experts also claim that 21st century’s obsessive love with machines will also help these machines to become popular among consumers.

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