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India is the second most populous country in the world after China with a billion plus population. But, an average Indian’s age will be 29 by 2020 to that of 37 in USA and China and 48 in Japan. These figures indicate that India is a young country with a half billion people in the working population group and it is a positive dimension of our demographic dividend.However the million dollar question would be- which industry or which sector has got the nerves to absorb a workforce of this scale?

The rational answer for this is entrepreneurship which itself comes up with a new set of challenges. Investments, market , competition by foreign companies, etc..these all seem to be biggest challenges for the youth of the country to even think of becoming an entrepreneur. However, all these come as secondary confrontations. The first and foremost challenge is the very manner of one’s thinking(soch) of being an entrepreneur.

We all see many a woman selling garlands at the roadside. The large number of diyas during diwali and pots in summer are handmade and sold in large amounts by a single person . We buy Bananas or some other fruits and come across a pipeline of vendors along the busy streets all over India. Ever ended up in a conclusion that they are all self-employed? Yes, a large section of population is self employed earning bear minimum due to inefficient entrpreneurial skills which is an outcome both of illiteracy and the indian method of teaching.

India succumbed to the Nehruvian ideologies that profits are bad. For decades,students have been taught only about politicians and freedom fighters being leaders. This fact cannot be denied at all because they are the greatest moral leaders of our country who gave us freedom but its high time that we teach our students about tycoons like Dhirubhai Ambani, Narayanmurthy ,M S Oberoi, The Tatas or for that matter Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet as ideals for juveniles. A good balance between moral values and business skills in all the educational institutions ensure a healthy economic India and a bright,prosperous future for the young.

Therefore,when the first part of “teaching entrepreneurship” is taken care, the secondary things which camouflage as the primary obstacles can be easily tackled as Investments pour in through innovation, markets grow with domestic demand and competition overcome by broad technical knowledge.

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