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May be the start-camera-action rhythm does not yield a perfect movie that satisfies the audience but the indeed similar “start-dosamatic-dosa” gives a perfect delectable dosa of any kind in a flash of the eye and this makes it one of the irresistible favourites for both the consumers who love to savor the scrumptious dosa melting in their mouth and the producers who wish to back an applause like “WAH! KYAA DOSA HAI SAAB” from their dearly customers.
The sprawling up of Coffee Shops right from kanyakumari in the south to kashmir in the north and then to every nook and corner of the country breaks the myth of coffee being an ‘only south indian drink’ among every Indian. Similarly the time is ripe for Dosa to break the myth of it being an “only south indian breakfast” and touch every one across the world with the advent of DOSAMATIC!
In short,can you imagine the widespread aroma of coffee without a coffee maker ? In the same manner,can you imagine the proliferation of splendidly delicious DOSA without DOSAMATIC?? The answer is inevitably NO in both cases.
Dosamatic caters to the needs of an ever bursting population of all ages that craves to have sumptuous, low calorie,healthy,tasteful food outside their homes and workplaces-all mixed in one platter simply called a luscious dosa! It delivers dosas of all and any kind to the choice of the customer and to the profit of the producer thus deleting all dose iffs and buts from the complaint list.
We at Mukunda Foods strive to deliver this rich and wonderful experience to our customers through our very own DOSAMATIC!

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