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Robots and driver-less tractors will replace human farmers in future

In today’s era of globalization the lure for white collar jobs is simply irresistible. A growing desire for luxurious and stable life coupled with fast paced urbanization has helped in fueling a maddening obsession for white collar jobs over last two decades. However, this maddening obsession has forced many traditional occupations to pay an enormous price as their very existence has come under threat.

The all important agriculture or farming activities unfortunately happens to be on top of the list of ‘endangered jobs’. For many this may come as a surprise or even shocking, but fact of the matter is that population of farmers is dwindling very fast across the globe. Add to this, the average age of farmers in most part of the world is very high and majority of them don’t have any successor to appoint.
A pertinent question that is now staring the entire world is who will produce our food after the world runs out of farmers. The situation certainly calls for a panic as it literally threatens the global food production.

Well, a Japanese firm Kubota Corp has already found a solution to this grimy situation. The solution is robots and driver-less tractors, who are tipped to become ‘future farmers’ in coming decades.
Many experts predict that these ‘future farmers’ will help to cultivate and produce food crops as number of human farmers begins to dwindle in coming decades.

This is especially true about developed countries where average age of farmers is 60 or 60 plus, according to United Nations.

This harsh reality is what prompted Japan’s Hiroshi Moriyama to push for an idea to replace retiring farmers with tractors and backpack-carried robots. The idea was proposed at G7 agriculture ministers meeting held last month in Japan.

The main agenda of the meeting, which was called for the first time in seven years, was to find a lasting solution to human capital problem plaguing the global farming industry. The conclusive answer that came out of the meeting was that robots and driver-less tractors will significantly dominate global farming industry in coming decades.

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