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healthy food at restraunts

Restaurants have started serving Healthy Food that actually tastes good

It is a common belief that healthy foods are usually not very high on taste. A belief that over the years has become so strong that even today majority of people avoid healthy food only for the sake of keeping their taste buds in a jovial mood. While it will never be easy to do way this unhealthy practice, it appears that some restaurants have found solution to thisdeeply habituated problem.

These restaurantsthat have become agent of change are today introducing dishes with specific healthy ingredients. The twist in this story is that these healthy ingredients are equally deliciously tasty. This means that diehard foodies and common people alike can actually eat healthy dishes without having to punish their taste buds.

This is, of course, thanks to those magical healthy ingredients that can very well define the way people think about healthy foods. By the way, names of some these healthy ingredients are kale, chai seeds and quinoa. Many health experts call these food ingredients ‘super food’ owing to their nutritious values.

Let us dwell little deep to know what makes these food ingredients so nutritious and nourishing.

Quinoa: Quinoa is enriched with lot of proteins and other critical nutrients like Vietnam B, magnesium and dietary fibers. Besides, it holds huge amount of antioxidant called flavonoids and is a good alternative for all those who don’t like eating rice.

Kale: Kale happens to be one of the most used and popular health ingredients. It is widely used by restaurants while making salad, pasta, green smoothies and several other dishes. Kale’ huge popularity is owing to the fact that it is highly nutritious and high on antioxidants as well as high on anti-inflammatory properties.

Chia seeds: Chai seeds have abundance of Omega3, fatty acid, fiber, iron and calcium. To give a slight idea about how really nutritious this ingredient is then mere 28 gram of chia seeds contains 5.6 grams of proteins. A reason why several restaurants use Chia seeds in smoothies, oatmeal or yogurt.

All said and done, the heavy usage of these ingredients by restaurants is a welcome trend and must be followed by other restaurants as well. If all restaurants do pick up on these ingredients then common people will surely undergo a huge perception change with regards to healthy food.

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