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Research &Development PUMPS the winning edge for Mukunda Foods

The sizzle of the tava when water is sprinkled is an indication that we are just a minute away to see the magic happen- crispy, tasty dosas rolling out of Dosamatic. I pour water, batter and oil in the 3 containers provided in the machine, batter is smeared on the tava, spread using a roller, oil is poured on the dosa and crispy, cooked dosa rolls out of the machine- all this in just a minute!!!

But, how did this happen? When we filled the 3 containers and waited for our first dosa, we were very disappointed. There was no oil in the dosa which did not give dosas the aromatic flavor. The problem was that oil was dripping at a slower pace when compared to the speed at which it should have ideally been. Our think-tanks from the R&D team were shuffling their brains for a solution. While they sit thinking about the solution, let me tell you about the team- the small but highly experienced R&D team at Mukunda Foods  is headed by veteran Mr Siddique who acts as the R&D consultant, who teams up with a Fabricator and 2 research associates.

Now coming back to the solution, here the problem is the speed at which the oil is poured on the tava, for which the consultant tells us to increase the air pressure, the fabricator says he wants an air pump to increase the air pressure, for which one of the RAs suggests that we use an aquarium pump. This is how the prototype of our pump evolved! Today in our machines, an industrial grade air pump is used to allow seamless flow of the oil.

R&D doesn’t happen on one day when you want your business to scale up and you bring in a bunch of people and ask them to throw ideas for product development. It is a slow, continuous process that evolves with the day-to-day activities  of the company.

At Mukunda Foods, we make R&D happen with a difference. Here, every single employee pitches in for innovative ideas teaming with the R&D team in all walks of their developments. There is no cost cutting when there is going to be a trial for learning in the team of Mukunda Foods. All we care about is betterment of the product, customer satisfaction, innovative edge, – all the while keeping in account that we are working towards the mission of the company.

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