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In an era of multipying population and drastically changing climates, the need to feed the world with quality food is the biggest confrontation for all humans. The only one and all solution to this imminent problem lies in one word-QUINOA!
Quinoa is the only food that mends into it all the essential nutrients like amino acids, trace elements and vitamins with a bumper advantage of being able to adapt to any ecological condition all over the globe. Quinoa survives at harsh cold temperatures from -8 degrees to desert temperatures of 39 degrees. It is a profitable crop where its yeilds are high and provides large incomes to farmers. Its history goes back to the Andean civilizations in South America where it served as a staple diet for millions of people.
Quinoa is grain like and can be made into any form ranging from flour to bread.It can be baked and roasted and made into biscuits, soups, used as pasta and even as beer if fermented. Though its native to Latin American states, it is now grown world wide with higher concentrations in North america,Europe and Asia because of the crop’s unique nutritional,medicinal and industrial value .
Also, the year of 2013 has been celebrated as the International year of Quinoa by UN to spread awareness among the global communities and ignite their minds of the significance of the “super- food” that has the capacity to eradicate hunger in the world.
In India where every fifth child suffers from malnutrition and many a poor starve for days, QUINOA can be a boon to the entire country and not just the victims of hunger. Quinoa can be grown in the himalayas, in the arid regions of rajasthan and the northern plains and it can be moulded as rice, chapatis or any other form according to the person’s need. Today’s healthy kids are tomorrow’s wealth of the nation and it is the collective duty of government and citizens to ensure their nation is wealthily healthy.
Thus,promote, grow and eat quinoa to make INDIA a Healthy and HUNGER FREE INDIA notwithstanding to ensure future’s FOOD SECURITY.

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