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About the Dosa Making machine

DosaMatic is a fully automatic dosa making machine. It is a table top machine that makes dosas automatically at the touch of a button. Just add batter, oil and water to the given containers and the machine makes you a dosa. It disperses the batter, spreads it to the desired size and thickness, spray oil/butter, cooks the dosa, peels it and rolls it.

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Features of the machine

One Touch to make a Dosa

Multiple types of dosas

Change Size of Dosa

Change the thickness

Select the amount of roast

Make fat free dosas

Technical Specifications

Portable-Table top model

Use multiple types of batter

Easy to use & maintain

3K-Watt 1-Phase 220/110V

Makes upto 60 Dosas an hour

Benefits of using Dosamatic

Save on energy consumption

Promise of Consistency and standardisation

Secure investment

Growth & Good returns


What is the size of the machine?
How much electricity does it consume/hour?
How many dosas does it make per hour?
What are the sizes of the dosa that can be made?
What if I don’t make dosas continuously and it is kept idle at regular intervals?
How do I maintain the machine?
Can I clean the pan as well?
How will you provide the service?
Is there any warranty?
What if my machine breaks down? Will you provide any assistance?
How will I add fillings & toppings on the dosa? And what if it takes more than one minute to do it?
For how long can I run the machine without giving it a break?
Where is it manufactured?
Can the dosa be flipped on the other side?
What if I don’t want oil to be spread on the dosa? Our customers are health cautious.
What is the capacity of the batter, oil and water tank?
Can I remove the pan and clean it?
What is the production cost of dosa?
Can the thickness of the dosa be changed as well?
What else I can make in the machine?
What is the starting time of the machine?
What if I want to make different types of dosa all the time?
Can I get spare parts if needed?
How many motors are there in the machine?
What is the expected life of the machine?
My machine will be handled by my employee. I need to keep a track of the number of the dosas.