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Oversees Desi Restaurants are now Going ‘Local’ to woo Global Audience

The oversees desi restaurants have finally been able to decode a not so complicated puzzle in the highly competitive foreign market. This seemingly difficult puzzle was created all thanks to foreign citizen’s agonistic attitude towards Indian cuisine.

Local citizens living in London or New York mostly perceived Indian dishes to be too spicy, oily and even unhealthy. This perception was just too stereotypical to be true, but desi restaurants were finding it too tough to break the stereotype.

Even the loyal Indians customers, mostly NRIs, could not help in breaking this stereotypical perception. Simply put, local citizens in America and other foreign countries could not even spare a thought to eat a hearty meal in Indian restaurant.

The need for change was obvious. However, most desi restaurants were clueless about what is it that was supposed to be changed about Indian food. The answer to this puzzling question came from Rohini Dey, a former McKinsey consultant.

In 2004, Rohini was all set to open a Indian-Latin restaurant in Chicago. But she knew too well that her restaurant would not succeed, unless America’s die hard foodies shed all their inhibition about Indian food.

Rohini’s decision to create intoxicating fusion between Indian and Latin cuisine was one way to overcome this inhibition. But, she decided to do something even better. The former McKinsey consultant decided to give contemporary touch to Indian dishes. This was done by inducing American taste into Indian dishes, but without compromising on authentic Indian taste.

Rohini’s gamble paid off, as her restaurant in Chicago had local Americans flocking in. Buoyed by the stupendous success, Rohini opened another Latin-Indian restaurant in Manhattan in 2008, which equally carved a niche among local foodies.

Rohini’s success proved one thing amply clear that ‘local was the new global.’ A mantra that eventually set the ball rolling for other Indian restaurants, who for long have been waiting to tap into the huge international market.

Flash forward to 2016, and it is pretty heartening to see that today Indian restaurants are no more underdogs in the international market. Their market share has grown impressively over the last one decade, with local customer’s making a big cut in their market share.

Apart from U.S, Today desi restaurants are doing booming business in UK, Canada, South Africa, Middle East and Malaysia. Their success obviously goes down to their effort in making Indian dishes that seamlessly blends in the milieu of local taste and culture.

However, many Indian chefs have confessed that blending Indian dishes with unique taste of a particular geographical region is a challenging task.  But this challenge is not proving to be a hindrance at all, as is pretty visible from growing number of local customers.

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