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Nurturing our child- the birth of Dosamatic

How does it feel when you hear your child’s first cry? It is a top-of-the-cloud moment when you see your kid go places. But these days childbirth and nurturing a child doesn’t confine only to human beings. This gets carried over to an idea that is nurtured, processed and is sustained in today’s world as a brand by itself. Such is the story of Mukunda Foods.

Mukunda Foods Pvt Ltd was started by Eshwar K Vikas and Sudeep Sabat from SRM University for their love for DOSAS :) Their love for dosas has brought them today to being partners in making the WORLD’S FIRST AUTOMATIC DOSA MAKING MACHINE – THE DOSAMATIC to the world. Combining their engineering skills and their love for food, the prototype of the machine was made in a period of 8 months, post which the current product was launched after n-number of iterations. A team of 2 people a year ago now is a very dynamic team of 17 people that has made the machine step into the Global market.

Today a set of 30 machines are manufactured in the factory of Mukunda Foods Pvt Ltd at Bangalore, which will be fabricated and shipped to various countries across the world.

Every individual involved in the process of making the machine to installing the same in its bases feel the pain and love of Motherhood in the birth of the World’s First Automatic Dosa Making Machine that makes crispy dosas of your customization at the touch of a button :)

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