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Make the best of “HOME” ingredients and “HOME” food!

This is festive time in many a homes around the world and not just in India. With the jingle bells of merry christmas still ringing loud, the world is gearing up for yet another hearty welcome of another new year 2015. Clothes, jewellery,decorations,relatives!! Anything and everything that forms a part of festive celebration is totally incomplete without the “FOOD”-which is inevitable for our very existence and not to mention again-of any celebration!

Food forms an integral part of every festival and every celebration and each and every cuisine has its very own signifance in the specific festivity. Worldwide there are countless such food items and the legacy of cooking them on special occasions continues till date.However, life today is not the same like how it was before.

There is a great amount of unhealthy preservatives, additives and flavours being used in the respective foods all over the world. This not only degrades the health but also eventually causes harm to the traditional way of preparations of food. So, it is therefore in the best of our cause to use “HOME” ingredients to make “HOME” food.

Traditional Ingredients like turmeric, cumin,aniseeds,basil,fennel etc in Indian food add benefits in both ways of health and taste. The same applies for traditional ingredients like corn,lentils for american and mexican food and in a broader sense it applies to all the regional cuisines across the globe. Natural colours made of green vegetables and fresh fruits serve the best of our additive and flavor needs instead of artificial ones.

In today’s world where there is hurry burry in every aspect of life and due to which are lifestyle diseases threatening the human species, it is truly advised in the best manner to keep our traditional food ingredients alive and make them a part of our festivities and savour them. In their absence, everything becomes adulterated and let that not be the cause for postponing our celebrations.

This new year, let us all take an oath to preserve the old HOME FOOD and HOME INGREDIENTS for the future’s good with a tasty and healthy welcome!

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