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Machine Turns Food Waste into Biofuel Gas For Cooking

If we all spare a little bit of time to think about how much food do we waste every day, then we all would be in for a very big surprise. The surprise though is not a very pleasant one. That’s because we all are guilty of wasting way too much of food.

Now we’re not building a case to save precious food for fighting against rising inflation, nor are we pushing you to give your food to needy ones. All we want to tell is that all your wasted food can help in producing huge amount of biogas, which in-turn can help in cooking your next meal. This of course also means that you’ll save lot of money on LPG gas.

Simply put, choosing biogas as your main fuel for cooking food is all about smart living. After all, if your wasted food can help in increasing your monthly savings, then nothing can be more great than that.
To start producing biogas, one obviously needs a biogas machine. Now biogas machines are not exactly widely available, but they are certainly available in almost all prominent cities across the world. A typical biogas machine would cost around Rs 50,000 – 60,000 ($800 to $900).

Most biogas machines are very easy to install. In all probability you won’t need an electrician or specialist to install biogas machine. After installation, you can start dumping all you’re wasted food and other organic wastes into the machine. Today some biogas machines are even good enough to process meat, oil, milk and many other food products that cannot be easily composted.

After the entire process is over, you will be left with cooking fuel that can help you cook for almost three hours. However, you’ll stand to benefit more if you own a special biogas stove rather than ordinary stove. The great thing about biogas stove is that it heats up really soon, which again helps in saving the precious fuel. Biogas stove is easily available in the big markets and hence you should not have any problem in getting one.

All your investment in Biogas machine and stove will reap you great benefits by helping you save you’re hard earn money on commercial fuel. If you choose to use your biogas machine almost every day, then you stand to save as much as 80% of your yearly income on commercial fuel. Needless to say, 80% is a really big amount of saving, which can help you and your family to put on a very good financial footing.

Biogas machine also offers host of other great advantages. For instance, Biogas machine can generate CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and even electricity. Last but not least, Biogas machine contributes immensely to sustainable environment as it helps in reducing great amount of waste.

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