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Leading the way


“Great Leaders are not made, they are born.” A good leader is very crucial for the success of an organization. True leaders are good role models, highly knowledgeable in the fields of expertise, self motivated, and is always liked by all as they give room for other’s inputs.

One such icon in Mukunda Foods is Mr Shiva Das, a Bengali by origin and has migrated down South post his wedding to a Tamil girl. Shiva has been showing dynamic leadership qualities from the first day that he joined us as an Assistant Fabricator. He is a proactive person and takes up the persistent issues of our company to his plate in addition to his responsibility. There are days that he has worked at a stretch for 7 days straight from 7am till 10 in the night.

In companies like ours that are hardware based, while smart working is important, hardwork becomes a necessity. Shiva is a person who multitasks and assists us with recruitment, hunting down batter companies, and also in demonstrations, in addition to fabrication. He is a people’s person and has established cordial relationships with our vendors and suppliers. It is said that a leader finds out solutions and not look for excuses, and such an example is Shiva Das.

Shiva Das will now be shifting base from manufacturing to Research and Development.



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