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Is Dosa on its way to become America’s favorite staple food?

Dosa’s unimaginable popularity across India can’t be really over-stated. Today this unconditional love oozes in millions of India’s dingy streets, making Dosa an undisputed king of India’s street food. Today that same warmth and love for dosa can be felt across seven oceans as Americans are increasingly getting acquainted to India’s favorite street food.

If someone needs mighty proof about this then all one needs to do is to grab Nash Patel and Leda Scheintaub’s latest book Dosa Kitchen. This book poignantly expresses American’s blossoming romance with Dosa. Although the book fully admits that this love is still very young, it claims that there are many promising signs to suggest that this tender love can steadily blossom into full-fledge affair.

One of the promising signs that this book speaks about is the steady realization among Americans that Dosa can be served along with any ingredient combination – from eggs and pulled pork to tamarind chutney. Thanks to this unique flexibility, the book claims that Dosa can be tipped to become one of the staple foods for Americans in the future. In fact, the book goes on to claim that India’s favorite street food may become America’s next Tortilla in future.

Only time will prove whether this lofty predictions will come true or not. Until then we Indians have all the right to be amused by how Dosa is keeping Americans appetite excited. Let’s hope Dosa’s popularity only grows further and finally secures the place that it thoroughly deserves in the global cuisine world.

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