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Is Cooking in Microwave Oven Healthy?

Isn’t it important to prepare a healthy dish and stay fit? Definitely YES! Who would say no to healthy food? For that the method of cooking is as essential as the ingredients you use in the preparation. Today almost every urban kitchen would have a microwave oven. The reason behind is that it provides its user with undeniable convenience and saves time. But still people have few lingering doubts as they ask, if this kind of cooking method zaps away the nutrients from the prepared dish? No, cooking with micro oven is no big deal. It serves you with healthy meals when you understand the types and preparation methods of a dish. Let us move our discussion in detail with the points listed below;
Low fat and calories: When you deep fry your food in pan, it requires more quantity of oil which automatically maximizes the calorie and fat count in the meal. Whereas, baking or deep frying in oven usually consumes less added oil hence minimizing the calorie and fat count. No doubt this method of preparation is healthier than our traditional cooking method.
Use of Healthy Ingredients: There is one important thing to be noted when you are cooking healthy dishes. You should be smart enough to choose healthy ingredients in the preparation. Here are few best suggested ingredients for oven cooking; you can try roasting vegetables, fruits, poultry, beef, fish or pork. Remember to keep meat and poultry moist by adding tomato or lemon juice to the pan. Instead of using butter which has high calories, you can always choose apple sauce or mashed banana to retain moisture without accumulating fat in the diet.
Food to Avoid: Be aware when you prepare dishes such as casseroles filled with creamy soups, eggs or cheese. You can always find low-fat soup as a substitute to avoid the usage of cheese. Keep away sugar, butter and oil to reduce fat and calories.
Seasoning: In case you are using oil before cooking in oven, then ensure that you pick low fat oil such as olive or canola oil. Remember to season your dish with healthy and fresh herbs to reduce fat in the dish.
Now don’t you agree microwave oven is a wonder of engineering and a miracle of convenience?

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