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Indian railway and AI

Indian Railways take help of AI to fight against Menace of Unhygienic Food

Over the years, Indian railway faced repeated flaks for serving unhygienic food to its passengers as reports of dead cockroaches and insects found in the food kept popping up across the Indian media. However, finding such negative reports about Indian railway’s food may now very well become thing of past. This is not because of Indian railway’s better public relation tactics, but railway’s decision to take help of advanced technology like artificial intelligence (AI) in its quest to fight against unhygienic food.

According to a report published in The pioneer newspaper, the Indian railway has installed high-definition CCTV cameras in all 16 base kitchens in IRCTC’s headquarter in New Delhi. All these cameras are connected to an AI powered monitor screen that will keep an eagle eye view on whether or not proper hygienic standards are been followed in the kitchen. Essentially, this monitor will keep track of whether any presence rodents or cockroaches in kitchen and will also keep a track on if the catering staff is following all the hygienic standards including wearing caps and hand gloves.

In case, if this AI backed monitor finds any anomaly in the hygienic standards, it will directly report to the server and then the same report will be immediately dispatched to mobile number of the concerned authority.

Although this AI backed project is currently been carried out only in IRCTC’s New Delhi headquarter, its success will pave way for similar projects been carried out in IRCTC’s kitchens spread across other parts of the country. This would obviously mean that Indian railway passengers in future can expect nothing but only 100% hygienic food. Such a development will bring revolution in Indian railway’s catering services. In a way, such a revolution was long overdue as Indian passengers deserved as much hygienic food as their global counterparts.

The success of this project will also pave way for the use of AI & other robotic technologies in Indian railway’s catering services.  Most experts consider the application of robotic technologies as a great boon for India’s catering and restaurant industry. Therefore, Indian railway’s decision to explore breakthrough technologies such as AI and robotics must be surely applauded.

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