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Indian Foods  Traditions

Indian Foods Traditions

Everyone grows up in a distinctive culture and it is bound to have a profound influence on our lifestyle-particularly the food we eat i.e. our diet is the most peculiar of all. We might have a soft spot for mamma’s paranthas, an aunt’s curry,dad’s desserts ,a neighbour’s sambar recipe and last but not the least- grandma’s pickles. India is such a diverse country with so many food traditions that some may be healthier than others.

However, the impact of these different food cultures is unique in the sense that they can produce varying health risks. North western and South Indians are at greater risks for ailments such as heart disease and diabetes, but the northern style usage of extra ghee, butter and southern style fried foods might not be the only culprits. They share a major role in addition to the income levels, limited access to nutritious foods and exercise habits for the health ills.

As people from one culture get assimilated into another, their diets might change. It happens in most parts of the world and the best example is that of Latinos in USA. Their traditional diet of corn,grains,tuber crops and legumes is lost to the high fat and sugary fast foods of US. Unfortunately, In India, though there ain’t an exact cultural assimilation from one to another, 40% of the population has fallen prey to the westernized instant foods leaving aside their healthier traditional food habits for boredom and the time factor.

So, its high time we realise the health risks like obesity, cancer etc posed by such food habits and for greater good, we must enjoy our culture and the foods that make it very special. Also, we need to find ways to twist and tweak diet traditions and make them more tasteful and healthful. Fresh fruits for desserts instead of sugar rich sweets,cakes and a mix of olive,sunflower oils as main fat and a lots of green vegetables can crack this pandora box of changing dietray habits along with long lasting culture.

Our “DOSAMATIC” is such an invention that combines both health and the culture together in one box in a way that you can recast some family favorites to fix them into a healthy lifestyle while preserving the taste of your home.

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