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Idli and Dosa’s Increases Intake of Iron & Zinc, Finds new Study

The ample health benefits offered by South Indian dishes like Idli & Dosas are pretty much an open secret. Not surprisingly, manypediatricians and doctors recommend their patients to include Idli & Dosa in their regular diets. Several well-known health magazines and dailies also promote Idlis& Dosas as healthy and nutritious foods, thereby encouraging readers to include them in their foodstaples.

Now a new finding by fresh study canhelp Idlis& Dosas to further consolidate their coveted status as healthy meals. A recent study by Current Science journal, which is published by Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, has revealed that consumption of South Indian foods like Idlis and Dosas help in better absorption of iron and zinc.

The study argues that most Indian vegetarian dishes have high quantities of antioxidant compound like phytates or phytic acid, which is mainly responsible for slowing down the absorption of iron and zinc. This in-turn is responsible for deficiencies of iron and zinc – two of the most important minerals for living a healthy life.

As a remedy to counter this deficiency, the study recommends people to increase the consumption of Idlis & Dosas. The reason is quite simple: several South Indian dishes including Idlis and Dosas are low on phytic acid and resultantly help our bodies to better absorb iron and zinc.

What makes Idlis & Dosas so low on phytic acid is the fact that they undergo lengthy process of fermentation, soaking, and germination. Not many Indian dishes go through this lengthy process, which makes these two popular South Indian dishes exceptional from health point of view.

So next time you decide to savor Idli&dosa in a nearby restaurant, you can be rest assured that your body will receive some good dose of iron and zinc. Now that’s another good reason for enjoying more of them and lead truly a healthy life.

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