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How to Start Successful QSR Restaurant in India?

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), commonly known as fast food restaurants, have become immensely popular over the last two decades. The ever surging crowd in Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway and in scores of unbranded local outlets clearly signifies the overwhelming popularity that QSR enjoys among the Indian foodies. According to industry experts, what really works for QSR is the fact that it instantly satisfies people’s food cravings and thereby respects what people consider it to be the most important thing today, ‘time.’

If you’re really interested in stepping in the booming fast food industry and eventually making it big, then you’ve arrived at the right place. This article will properly guide you in taking all the essential steps for opening a QSR restaurant in India.

Choosing the Right Location:

Location plays an important role for almost all businesses, let alone fast food restaurants. An ideal business location is the one that is densely populated and also enjoys the potential to get maximum footfalls of the targeted customers. In the case of QSR, it is important to look out for locations that are brimming with young lads or boosts a cosmopolitan culture.Some fast food restaurants, on other hand, tend to do well even in places that does not boost any cosmopolitan culture. In the end, the suitability of any densely populated location purely depends on the type of target consumers that a QSR is trying to cater.

Getting Required Licenses

As is the case with everything, you need to get proper licenses before starting a fast food restaurant. You basically need to get 4 to 5 licenses: food license from FSSAI, VAT registration, permission from local Municipal Corporation, fire license and police eating house license. Among these, Food license, VAT registration and municipal corporation license are immensely important. It is important to be aware that obtaining government licenses are never easy, since it involves lot of follow up with authorities. However, irrespective of all the difficulties, it is important that you get all your licenses before starting your QSR.

Set up a proper interior

Make sure that the place you’ll be taking on rent is at least 450 to 500 sq ft.This will offer enough space to build a good kitchen and a sitting arrangement for your customers. Do make sure that your serving counter does not exceed 100 sq feet. The most important thing to understand here is that you got use your space diligently, since mostly fast food restaurants conduct their operations within a limited space. Therefore it is critical that nothing (even the most important things) hogs unreasonably large space.

Hire a well experienced staff

An unbranded fast food restaurant usually needs have 5 to 6 staff members, out of which 2 are supposed to have full time chefs. A branded restaurant, on other hand, can afford to have more staff members, since they have more capital and cash reserves at their hand. However, in both cases, it is important to hire an experienced staff. In today’s highly competitive market, where fast food restaurants are being getting opened in blink of an eye, experienced staff will help to keep your restaurant afloat even in tough market conditions.

How automation can help in resolving manpower issues in QSR?

In today’s day and age, where technology has pervaded every aspect of our life, QSRs can ill afford to overlook the importance of automation. The one important benefit that automate food machines offer is that they help in resolving staff attrition problems.By replacing unreliable and unworthy chefs, machines can help in brining sense of stability to business. Not to mention that they bring in unprecedented standardization in quality, something that even the most experienced chef cannot guarantee.

Automation, in other words, is an absolute must not only for QSR but all types of restaurants to keep themselves ahead in today’s highly competitive world. Mukunda food is one company that is committed to help you out on this important front. We are a kitchen robotic company that aims to bring an unprecedented revolution in the restaurant industry with our state-of the-art products. Our products Dosamatic and the newly launched Doughbot is already helping scores of restaurants in growing their businesses further.

Dosamatic is the world’s first fully automatic table top dosa making machine, while Doughbot is the first commercial standalone roti maker available in the market. They are immensely user friendly, with users merely required to press a button to get delicious dosas and rotis out of the machine. This means that even a person who has never stepped inside a kitchen can easily work with our machine. This and other user friendly features have today helped our machines in getting a strong footing in the market. Above all, their overwhelming success is a testimony of the positive impact automation can have on QSR industry.

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