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How To Choose The Right Food Processor

Would you agree that prep task at any commercial kitchen consumes loads of your time in preparing your dish! So why not check out food processors that would minimize your prep time and at the same time maximizes your efficiency and profits. Isn’t it worth your time and money? Can you believe if masala dosa, onion dosas, rava dosas, butter dosa, or pav bhajji dosas and its ready within a minute? Guess we left you wondering, read on to know more about this interesting machine and its ability to cater your needs within no time.

Let us dive into the preparation of an interesting and tasty south Indian dish which we all crave for! Yes you guessed it right!! Dosas!! It is going incredibly famous and it is the most wanted dish in and across our nation. But sad that it takes time to prepare and it consumes loads of time in making them especially when people are waiting for it in huge numbers. But here we are with a wonderful solution which is sure to bring smile and relieve your pain from this tedious dosa preparation.
In case you haven’t heard of Dosamatic, then here we are to explain more about this food processor. DosaMatic is a machine that works at just one touch of a button. It can produce one dosa in one minute! It sounds more or less like a magic. Doesn’t it?

In addition to above all it has mindblowing features like, controlling the thickness of dosa which can vary from 1 mm to 6 mm. With this extraordinary product one can get three problems solved. Firstly, it tackles the labour problem, secondly, it ensures standardization of the served food and last but not the least, it tackles the rising labour costs as well. Aint this product has the finest benefits that solve most of your problem?

The user has to just apply batter into one container and oil into the other. Next, to select the type of dosa from the options given like- thick, thin, crispy, uthapam or kal dosa. After that what happens is really very interesting, the machine spreads the batter and applies the required amount of oil and cooks it evenly. Any filling or stuffing can be done later according to the required taste. You will be surprised to savour hot and crispy dosa served within a minute. So what are you waiting for? Is it not worth your purchase? Grab it soon! And make your life easy and simple filled with delicacies.

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