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How these 5 guys have now become Successful F&B Entrepreneurs!

Wow momos

Founders – Binod Kumar Homagai&SagarDaryani

“Simplicity, passion and a never-say-die attitude,” they say.

Simplicity is more than just an ability. My experience with Sagar recalls me of a story says Eshwar, CEO of MukundaFoods . After being questioned a lot, he then got going about the story. Few years ago, when Mukunda Foods did not have a lot of funding, I was pitching to every investor interested. For the same, I had to travel to Aahar expo to present the machine also to keep the revenue going. I also found an investor who’d might only invest, we did not know.

I had my flight that day to Bangalore. When I explained Sagar the situation, he delayed his flight, also booked another flight for me, asked me to attend the meeting with the investor.This explains it all about Sagar&Binod. “Extremely generous souls” is what Eshwar had to say about them. With simplicity and passion, they conquered their dreams.

ID fresh foods

Founder – PC Mustafa

“If you have the passion to start something, do it immediately. Don’t wait for tomorrow,”

People often talk about hard-work and its importance, they argue that smart-work is today’s requisite. As we understand more about Mr. Mustafa, it explains that perseverance is the key. Mustafa grew up as a daily wage worker’s son in Kerala.

A humble person with tons of gratitude is now the CEO of ‘iD fresh foods’. It so happens that he never had pocket money to treat himself, so he had to work for different roles just to earn the tiny bit of money. Next hurdle waseducation, which was again taken forward by his Maths teacher’s recommendation. Having been in such kind of situations, slowly he finished his education, entered his corporate life and landed up as an IIM graduate. iD fresh foods, once a simple problem solving idea is now a millions business.

Chai point

  Founder – Amuleek Singh Bijral

“There is no one out there thinking about Chai”

Chai has always been and will always be the conversation starter in our Indian community. Chai nashta, Chai samosa, Chai sutta& currently the Chai-tea, this vast brand of just an ancient drink has been improvised today. Amuleek, MBA graduate from Harvard University went on a trip to India to visit his parents. He then saw lot of tea stalls serving low quality tea. He noticed that nobody ever complains. He decided that he will sell quality tea, to let people make memories. So he concluded that “Chai Point” will suffice all the needs.

Chai point today generates 60 per cent of the company’s revenue from retail stores, 30 per cent from corporate service and 10 per cent from the delivery business.


Jaydeep Barman

“Fanatic Activism Against Substandard Occidental Shit”

Faasos was the first food delivery concept. Ultimate goal of Faasos was to speed – deliver homemade food just like pizza or any other fast food. Until Faasos, there were only pizzas and burgers which were delivered on a specific time-line. The incredibly fast Faasos initially started with a seed capital of 8 lakhs from family & friends. The urge to do something by yourself motivates the person in a whole different way.

Jaydeep never had an instant success, he had to sit up nights and run down days to get through each and everything. But once he committed himself to faasos, he did not turn back.

When Jaydeep was working for Brainvisa, he knew that business was his thing while playing different roles to understand the world-business. Today, the company is generating more than 10,000 orders a day and receives 80,000 through their app and by year end; the company wants to triple this figure. The company also aims to break even by March 2018.



  “It’s just the kind of space young people, especially creative people, need to socialize at”

Trendy and affordable India ? Who could dream better than Riyaaz, known for his inclination towards night life in India. Riyaaz launched a unique concept and proved that India has got the swag. Each social has a unique set-up for both nightlife and work. Riyaaz worked it all out with immense difficulties, explaining his history with restaurants. His father being the owner of a restaurant berry’s, he opened a chain of mochas, then Social. Today, he talks about the idea of events, work space in a café. He describes this through reviews from his friends who always wanted a cool and fun workspace, in India it is just more than a dream.He took this challenge to introduce this exciting innovation into mundane cafés. His thoughts have made him the owner of café/bar chain – Social, with almost about 14 cafés launched already.


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