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How is Technology influencing Food Businesses?

It looks like the Jetsons’ dream is turning into reality!

Food automation had started with an automatic soft-drink vending machine. Slowly, it went on to coffee, then came the trend of food processors, grinders, coffee makers, etc. In kitchen appliances also the buzz was followed with the microwave ovens, refrigerators, inbuilt grills, etc. The digital buzz had almost entered exhaustion.

imgone Today, innovation has taken a new turn with everything at our doorstep. This e-commerce step has been a real game changer. From electronics to groceries, clothes to décor, everything has been made easy. This has influenced the food businesses to start delivery system.

Not many know that initially the online food ordering concept was introduced by Papa John’s in 2001. Until then, grocery delivery was prominent. Later, Grubhub, Amazonfresh, Eat24, DoorDash, Foodpanda have established themselves as food delivering businesses. As it is spread throughout the world, Uber has now taken a U-turn towards Food Delivery with UberEats.

These apps have been influencing the restaurant business widely for a while now. To add technology to the food delivery system, Marble, a US startup has launched Robots who can autonomously deliver food. Marble’s first client is ‘yelpEat24’ and is delivering food to them through these robots. Matble has to imgblogcompete with Starship Technologies, also in the delivery system via robots. The game has become big.

If this is one side of the coin, then the other side is automation of food-making. This whole system is helping to get our favorite food on the table. The fancy ‘Kitchen Robotics’ is the actual twister in the candy. Technological advancements have made machines like ovens, and now there is an urgent need to make machines which make doughs and such other necessary things.

dosamatic This being said, DosaMatic is the World’s First Fully Automatic Dosa making machine. Dosa being an Indian savory, launching ‘Dosamatic’ was a quick pull. We can now say that the revolution has begun with a machine which automatically cooks Dosa.


Mukunda Foods is a kitchen robotics company and has launched an entire system of cooking. They didn’t stop with just a single product, food automation was their direction. They’ve also made the new Doughbot, which is the most advanced flatbread making machine which can make dough balls, flat discs, pizza base.dough-machine

The world wouldn’t shift an inch without technology. Every action today has an easy way to do it. Be it anything. As time flies, Cooking shall no more be a constraint.

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