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Dosa Franchise

How ‘Dosa Franchise’ inspired people to start their own business?

Dosa Franchise

In the recent times, Food trucks and Instant foods have gained a lot of popularity. Movies like Chef, Burnt, etc have endorsed food trucks as the new cool. These days, eating at a food stall or a food truck has become more convenient than booking a table at a restaurant. Most people categorize themselves as foodies now, which takes the entire crowd to only restaurants& eateries.

These people enjoy food and everything about food. Out of the lot, there are people who have a 9-5 job but also dream of having their own business. To benefit them and also satisfy their entrepreneurial mind, these food trucks have become the right prey.

Food business being the most profitable one, most businessmen end up investing in it. The ratio of being successful and the ROI timeline is very slow. The concept of instant food joints/QSR changed the ground rules. Investment is lot lesser than for an actual restaurant/food outlet. The biggest advantage of this is you get to choose the crowd.

dosamatic-machine The only hindrance was that these wagons were restricted to only particular cuisines.

We wanted to introduce Indian savories on this platform. That is how we came up with the “Dosa Franchise”.
We came up with a concept where the kiosk is loaded with Dosamatic – world’s first automatic dosa making machine. This machine will make the dosa automatically with one click of a button. We provide chutney, sambar & batter for the first 10,000 dosas. Thus, this will not require too much labor and is very efficient. All you will need is someone to serve the hot dosa. This will help the dreaming entrepreneurs and also people who want to start their own Food Outlet.

Slowly, the idea of franchise and food trucks has grown viral and this has helped many such people to live their dreams with low investment and high profits. Also, Dosa being a very popular food in India, people who have bought this are very happy with profits right now.

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