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Water Management Resturants

How do some of the best restaurants manage water crisis?

Restaurants across the world have to use gallons of water every single day to operate their business smoothly. Be it for cooking food, washing dishes, cleaning and housekeeping, toilet management and serving customers. Simply put, water is a life saving component for any restaurant business. Without adequate supply of water, restaurants and hotels will simply go out of business.

However, in the wake of unprecedented water crisis and shortage, today restaurant owners have been almost forced to enforce water management practices. In fact water management has become need of the hour for every single restaurant and hotel out there.

In case if your restaurant is still struggling to enforce water management practices, then you’ll be surprised to know that there are hordes of restaurants enforcing this much needed practice quite effortlessly. To help you know more about this, below we’ve shed light on their simple yet effective practices that is helping them to save gallons of water every day.

Install Low-flow pre-rinse spray valves: Most restaurants use ordinary taps in their kitchen sink. While they most certainly help in washing dishes, but they equally waste gallons of water in the process. Their effective alternate is a Low-flow pre-rinse spray valves. A pre-rinse spray valve can save approximately 50,000 – 80,000 gallons of water in a year, which is hell lot of water. Not to mention they wash dishes as clean and efficiently as ordinary taps do.

Follow “Water by Request” Practice: Many restaurants are culprit in wasting thousands of glass of water every single day. These glasses of water were obviously served to quench the thirst of customers, but they were understandably served in an undesirable situation. Either customers were simply not thirsty or were too busy in other activities.

To cope with this situation, restaurants need to follow “Water by Request” Practice in strictest possible way. Following this simple method with due diligence can help in saving gallons of water. Thousands of restaurants are already benefitting from this super-simple water saving tactic.

Using Only Energy Efficient Equipments: Many restaurants that are following water management practices successfully are mostly installed with energy efficient equipments. It is commercially proven that energy efficient equipments help in saving at least 10 to 20 percent of water. Hence if your restaurant can install energy efficient equipments like dishwashers, ice machines, and steam cookers, then saving water would become much easier task.

Consider Fitting Electronic or Automatic Sensor Taps: They are certainly costly than ordinary taps, but are boon for any restaurant that is hell bent on save on tones of water. According to a rough estimate, Automatic Sensor Taps helps in saving roughly 60 to 70% of water,

Water Management in Toilets: Come to think of it: how many times a day your toilet tap remains unclosed? Speaking strictly in realistic terms, then it is quite a lot. However, there is no point in blaming your careless customers. Instead it is more prudent to do regular checkup of your toilet through one of your workers. Besides, if you can install Ultra Low Flush Toilet in your washrooms or toilets, then nothing like it. This equipment help immensely in saving great amount of water.

Follow Water Recycling Methods: One can easily follow water recycling methods to boost storage. In most cases water cycling needs zero investment and very minimum energy. Listed below are some of these easy methods.
1. Install a Rain Barrel – this will help you to store great amount of rain water, which in-turn can be used in innumerable restaurant operation.

2. Install Gray Water System – you can easily install grey water system with help of a plumber. It is relatively unpopular method (especially in developing countries), but will certainly give great boost to your water management practices. Gray Water System actually uses all the water except from drainage and toilets. It usually reuses water from sinks, showers, baths, clothes washing machines or dish washers.

3. Save Water from Washing Veggies: Restaurants can save tones of water from washing veggies and other food preparations. In most cases all these water goes down the drain. However, if we store these water, then it can be productively used in plethora of restaurant activities.

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