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Over the last few eras, Dosa has made its mark as the Royal breakfast dish in South Indian Kitchens. Dosa is the most favorite savory in South India and slowly spreading its fame all through the world. The only problem which remains unresolved with a Dosa is the way it is made. Most say that making Dosa is an art form. We wanted to go deep to know how exactly a dosa is made on tawa.

Ingredients required forDosabatter are available easily. To prepare the batter, you’ll require split black gram and rice. All you will need to do is soak perfect proportions in water for four hours, then grind it into a fluid state. You will need to constantly check the consistency for it to taste good. To trigger fermentation, you can add baking soda or yeast. Now, let it ferment overnight. Preparing batter also has got easier with the market providing ready-made batter. These days, dehydrated batter is also available.

Since the olden days, Dosa has been prepared on a ‘Tawa’/’Pan’. It takes a while for the tawa to get heated up and set to the right temperature. A ladle is used to mix the batter, take the required quantity and spread on the pan. Once the spreading is done, we will have to wait until the Dosa gets roasted. The Dosa is turned around to steam. Without expertise in making a dosa, it doesn’t come out in shape. Even thickness is also not achieved due to which the taste of the dosa differs.

The reality of making a Dosa on a tawa requires you to consider a lot of other parameters. First is the skill of spreading the Dosa, then taking care that it doesn’t stick to the pan. Also, being cautious of the oil you put on the Dosa. Taking care of all the things, when it is not a standard process, the thickness and taste of the Dosa vary. The time required to make one Dosa on a tawa takes a very long time.

After analyzing the making of tawadosa, we shifted focus to DosaMatic. DosaMatic is the World’s First Tabletop Dosa Making Machine. How it works is simply a muse to the observer. All you will need to do is fill the batter, oil & water into the respective tanks. Then on the keypad panel, set the desired thickness & roast level. With one click of a button, the batter spreads automatically, sets the pan temperature to the roast level. Then automatically adds required amount of oil and peels the Dosa. Time taken to make one Dosa is just one minute.

The parameters to consider in the both cases are importantly time, hygiene and the skilled labour. With Dosamatic, all these factors are taken care of. The stress of losing time, untidy cooking is completely eliminated. One more specific factor to note is losing out on the perfect consistency of the Dosa. The probability of a Dosa getting burnt is nil. Setting a standard to the Dosa is made possible only with DosaMatic.


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