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We are in 2014 AD and if we turn back pages of food history of our forefathers, we would indeed be totally surprised for the “great “food they consumed and the timings they have followed for it. And we would be more astonished to learn that they passed on a healthy food traditional habits to us and which we are not following at present and fail to pass it to our next generation of offsprings.

The phrase “great food” does not mean the amount of food they consumed but it refers to the amount of nutrition that our great grandfathers had in their intake. Let us revive that tradition by following atleat a few food habits of theirs to save ourselves from life threatening obesity and to wishfully pass a healthier lifestyle to our kids.

Millets were the most essential part of their diet. They are low in fats and a rich source of protein and carbohydrate. Here are few millets which we can definitely include in our  day to day diet and stay both  mentally and physically fit.

1) RAGI: It is a finger millet widely known for its high iron content along with calcium and other minerals. It is a traditionally south indian. It can be finely powdered and then makes a thick semi solid paste when added to hot water and can be consumed directly which tastes heavenly. RAGI DOSA is most yummilicious dish of ragi and can be made part of our daily breakfast.

2) JOWAR: its a humble ancient grain which is known for its high fibre,calcium and protien contents. Baked biscuits, cookies,evening snacks and as many as eleven yummy dishes can be made from jowar and its a highly nutritive food compared to the junk food like oily chips and burgers we eat today. so jowar should be an essential part of your daily diet in any form i.e; breaklfast,lunch,snacks or dinner.

3) BAJRA: it has high iron percentage and Vitamin B1 which totally prevents anaemia and is a perfect diet for all the girl children and women. Delicious rotis and paranthas along with side dishes can be easily made by bajra to make it more taste bud friendly.

Therefore, make millets a part of your diet right now and pass on HEALTH and NUTRITION to the younger ones!

Make Millet dosas or a Ragi dosa, that is both health and taste on the same side of the coin.

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