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Good Food Good Mood

Did you know that food can amend your mood? Imagine your hard drive just spark off, out of blue your credit cards become inactive, you have taken up exams online, battery low when it is important to talk about a meeting-and you just grab a chocolate or grande mocha latte which makes you feel much better even in the worst times of the day. Doesn’t it? Yes, it just simply changes the mood. Studies have further proved that, certain food helps you to calm down, ease your perception of pain and alter your brain chemistry. Let us dive into the topic in detail.

If You Are Down in the Dumps
Sometimes you start feeling low for no particular reason and you feel like crying. At the very moment just think of a big chocolate, toasted English muffin loaded with blueberry jam! It simply lifts up your mood right then and it makes you feel everything is right in the world. Just try it once, it really works!

Sleepless nights?
At times you might end up getting irritated, intolerant, and inattentive because you lack proper sleep. Lack of sleep is assumed to be tagged with medical reasons. One of the dietician claim that the problem might be with the diet rather than the circumstance/situation. Eating and staying healthy will give you happy sleep. So the problem lies at your dining table, and not in the bedroom. You should eat like a king in the morning and eat like a beggar in the night, as heavy food might churn your tummy in overload. It is always healthy to lighten up your dinner.

At Sad times!
It is natural that our mood swings according to the changes in the weather. The light of sun affects your brain which lowers serotonin from your body. For few people, shrinking sunlight may lower dopamine which leads to depression. Hence in such cases it is always good to choose high-carbohydrates and proteins in your diet. This will ultimately balance your mood and helps you in staying active.

When you feel Dull
Today, people work under pressure to meet their deadlines. While doing this they unknowingly become a victim of boring life. Their brain hardly works for some time and it comes to an end. At this point of time it is always better to opt for a coffee break. The caffeine in the coffee supplies adenosine to your body which boosts your brain cells helping you to think fast, fresh and creative. You will be better able to concentrate more than before.
Thus it is clear that our food habits make the cornerstone of an energized outlook and have an impact on mood. So let us eat good food and stay in good mood 😉

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