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Futuristic kitchens

What our futuristickitchens will feel like?

As we mentioned in our previous blog, how each kind of technology can be associated with our kitchens, our thoughts were on how would it feel like if everything was real.

Entire world today is still dependent on our traditional way of cooking. There are no Food making machines which will make the kitchen life easier. Every job today has been made easier be it with software tools or hardware tools or heavy machinery.

Everything has a modern way of doing it.

We all loved the Flinstones’ until the Jetsons’ made their debut. Now Jetsons’ and Back to the future have actually become real life scenarios. It is not against the traditional way, but the modern kitchens have to set a background to the coming future. Everything might get robotic in a blink, but the real question is – are you ready for it?

What if the entire world is just taken over by smart kitchens like our smart phones?

Would you like a world like that? Would you be interested in living a foreseen luxury.


As a food automation industry, we came across a lot of food processing machines. Most machines help in making the food indirectly. Direct food processing was low, only a few machines could do it and it was restricted to only one step. This one step is not sufficient to reduce the manual efforts. Future of the kitchens will look much more like ‘less of a kitchen’. It is more like an entire processing unit like our refrigerator. What happens in near future is that they will cut the manual processing time.

In the olden days, the traditional kitchens were very much like a gym with a lot of physical work to do. What has emerged with it was grinders, automatic stoves. Today, what we’re going through is much more complicated. Today we’re almost into a Techy kitchen but we haven’t fully renewed it. In the near future, we might see a roti machine,dosa machine, processor to cut the vegetables, machine to prepare the dough, etc and a lot more.


If all these machines are taking over the kitchen, then the entire food making process would be like operating the entire system on an automated platform. Then, iot-enabled machines would make your taste and meal comfortable. The very interesting part of this is, you can use your kitchen while sitting in your bedroom watching TV. The age of tech apps has improved personalization for anything. So, customization of the kitchen can also be done. The customized feeling of having your own food made by someone else, that too exactly the way you make is something extra ordinary. This is the feeling you get when you know that everything is under control and Automatic. All you will have to do is check your phone.

There is a feeling of being smart. This is the most important factor of having a futuristic kitchen. Having everything so smart around you actually reduces your stress, dependency. Having people realize that they’re part of a revolution is the purpose.People understand that the world is emerging into a whole new era. The digital era. This dive into a whole new system is letting people be aware of every single step ahead. This is how it feels like to imagine a futuristic kitchen.

Later, the entire world will one day go through this pattern of changes. Pattern of a digital world.

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