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Foodies may have to pay more to enjoy Idlis! Thanks to higher MSP prices

Honorable Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in this year’s financial budget made an important announcement that the government would increase the minimum support price (MSP) for various crops by substantial margin. The announcement was part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s grand vision to double Farmer’s income by 2022. This announcement obviously brought a huge smile on the faces of millions of farmers across the country.

While Higher MSP may certainly provide huge boost towards doubling farmer’s income, there is also the need to analyze this decision more pragmatically. This is due to the fact that traditionally higher MSP have had a spiraling effect on food inflation, which in-turn adverselyaffectsthe economic growth rate.

Simply put, now most people will have to shell out more moneyto enjoy some of their favorite dishes. One of these favorite dishes includes the eternally favorite South Indian dish – Idli. Idli uses rice, urad dal and arhar dal as inputs, the MSP prices of these crops have already been hiked. Hence Idli lovers may have to soon bear the pressure of price hike.

While this possible price hike will surely not have any adverse effect on public demand for Idlis, it may to certain extent dampen the spirit of Idli lovers. As such, eating in restaurants has already become expensive due to GST and now the spiking inflation may only make things worst further.

Although idli by the virtue of its irresistible taste may very well able to thwart GST and food inflation threat, but Idli lovers would certainly want Idlis to be light on their wallet.

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