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Few Tips On Quick Indian Cooking

You might have heard that ‘Indian cooking’ requires forever to cook. Yes Indian cooking recipes sounds easy, but it consumes time to serve with taste! In case you are working women then you have hit the right place. Today, it is a common scenario that working women would hunt out for healthy and instant cooking tips. As, working women have to start early in the morning to punch the office on time. Hence there is limited time available to prepare and pack a dish for both themselves and family. The article gives you with few simple and quick tips that will help you more in your kitchen. These tips are sure to add pleasure and save your cooking time. So here you will explore few simple and quick tips that are listed below.
• To prepare crispy puri, one needs to add small quantity of rava with wheat flour while kneading.
• Add corn flour to gram flour to relish crispy bajjis.
• Add salt to chicken to avoid browning.
• Soak almonds, potatoes and tomatoes for 5-10 minutes to remove the skin easily.
• To avoid milk from sticking to the bottom, add little water to the vessel before boiling milk.
• You can store dry fruits in the refrigerator to increase their shelf life.
• After boiling noodles or pasta, place it immediately under cold water for relishing the strings separately.
• Freeze meat for some time to cut with ease.
• In case tomatoes are not fresh you can use tomato paste or sauce. This will save your time.
• Prepare ginger, chilli and garlic paste in bulk and store it in fridge.
It can be used as a handy ingredient for most of the Indian dishes. It also saves lot of cooking time.
• Grate a coconut completely and refrigerate it. As this is the basic ingredient of any south Indian dish.
• You can use oven to sauté tomatoes, onions and chilies to save time in the cooking.
• Refrigerate the paste of potatoes or cauliflower as it can be used as stuffing in parathas or cutlets.
• Avoid peeling potato skin as it contains nutrients. This also saves your time while cooking.

• You can use mango powder in place of tamarind. It gives you similar or better taste.
Hope this tips mentioned above are useful. In case you have more suggestions or tips for working ladies, you are welcome to comment on this post.

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