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Our company Mukunda Foods Pvt. Ltd. presents you ‘eCook’, an automatic Dosa making machine providing one-stop solution to all your employees’ food cravings. A machine that cooks tasty and filling meals at the touch of a button.

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Given below are the machine specifications:
Size 1 feet x 1 feet
Weight 15 Kgs
Capacity 1 min 1 Dosa
Please find below our proposed business model:
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  • Daily consumables will be supplied to you on a daily basis which include:
Batter 30 dosas/ kg
Sambhar 60 servings/ kg
Chutney 60 servings/ kg
Fillings 60 servings/ kg
*Average cost, if 100 dosas are consumed is equal to Rs. 650 per day inclusive of oil and electricity charges.

Minimum 4 packets of consumables would have to be bought daily

‘eCook’ gives the advantage where employees don’t have to go out of premises to eat a light snack. Availability of healthy food at affordable prices to keep employees happy and committed to the organization, increasing productivity drastically.

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