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Dosa’s irresistible taste reaches Russia

It won’t be difficult to spot a tinge of surprise in your eyes, if you end up spotting an Indian restaurant specializing in Dosa in a country that is almost synonymous with vodka and meat. But if you take this surprise as a good omen and decide to tuck inside Jai Hind restaurant, then you are certainly in for a big treat. For several years now, Jai Hind restaurant has proved to be Dosa’s best brand ambassador in obsessive meat eating country of Russia. The restaurant, which is located in Moscow & St. Petersburg, has indeed developed a cult following. No less than India’s very own Prime Minister Narendra Modi has dinned here.

But its most loyal customers obviously constitutes of Russians, who once again signify Dosa’s ability to become a global food dish. Although it is little ludicrous to expect that a mere two or three restaurants can transform Dosa into Russia’s popular food dish, things are certainly looking promising. Jai Hind’s owner Kasi Viswanathan believes that making Dosa more adaptive to Russia’s native taste is one way of popularizing it. In a pursuit to achieve this goal, Jai Hind makes its dosa a little less spicy.

Today Jai Hind is especially busy cashing in on the FIFA World Cup frenzy with an aim to ramp up Dosa’s popularity. The soccer’s biggest showpiece event, which is currently been hosted in Russia, surely offers golden opportunity to restaurants like Jai Hind to introduce Dosa’s enchanting taste to diverse population of foodies.

Mukunda foods would surely like to wish all the best to Jai Hind for this noble pursuit. Nothing will make us happier than to see Dosa’s global popularity reaching new heights. More so in countries like Russia where Indian cuisines have lot of catching up to do.

Today Dosa is enchanting the taste buds of Americans, Europeans, people in Middle East and South East China. Now with Russia adding up to the menu list, a new chapter is waiting to be opened in Dosa’s quest to become a truly global food. We sincerely hope that this chapter turns out to be a truly enduring one and contributes immensely to Dosa’s ever increasing population.

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