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DosaMatic vs RotiMatic


We conduct demos for DosaMatic at various places, in the last month we covered a couple of IT parks in Bangalore region. At all the places we have huge crowds that come to eat dosas from this machine. We love to interact with people who come to eat dosas at our Dosa machine and we hear this question from most of the people, “Why is your machine not like RotiMatic?”

In response to that here is my blog. (DosaMatic is a machine that makes dosas automatically at the touch of a button where as RotiMatic makes roti’s)

For the record, let me show you how Rotimatic looks like

RotiMatic picture- By Zimplistic

But the question now comes up, why can’t you make DosaMatic just look like RotiMatic…

  1. RotiMatic is a domestic version where as DosaMatic is a commercial one (made for restaurants, QSR’s and caterers)

  2. Dosamatic was made from scratch to market/commercial ready in 8 months flat, where as rotimatic took almost 8 years to release it’s first video, RotiMatic is almost a decade into the making

  3. At Mukunda Foods we have worked extensively on the working aspect of the machine(which is important) rather on the looks of the machine

  4. DosaMatic can be ordered today! whereas RotiMatic is yet to announce a commercial launch date(at the time of me writing this blog)

  5. DosaMatic is like a royal enfield, rugged, pure metal and loads of muscle, where as rotimatic was made for home kitchen ambience. DosaMatic is designed for ruff and tuff use for restaurants, hotels and catering teams

  6. Mukunda Foods, the company that has developed DosaMatic has raised a seed round ( from IAN) where as Zimplistic the company that is developing RotiMatic has raised a VC round and a huge grant from the Singapore govt

  7. Oh ya DosaMatic is DESIGNED, DEVELOPED & MANUFACTURED IN INDIA, it is not a sophisticated piece of machinery. It is made for the common Indian work environment.

  8. Finally DosaMatic makes dosas and RotiMatic makes rotis, as your math teacher might have told you in school, don’t compare apples with oranges.

But got to agree the folks at Zimplistic have done a great job by pulling something like this along! We at Mukunda Foods appreciate the patience they have to wait for almost a decade to release their product. You can watch their product here on We would pull a page from RotiMatic when we come out with a domestic version!

By the way some techie recently told me that there is no much difference between a roti and a dosa and that i should seriously think of making roti-s in this machine. Thanks buddy, you have really opened up my horizon!

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