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Dosamatic machine: A perfect recipe for profitable business

We don’t really have to find any strong reason to convince you that serving delicious Dosa makes for a fantastic business proposition. After all, it is pretty much known thing that today scores of fast food restaurants, family restaurants and street food stalls are making rocking business purely by serving mouthwatering dosa’s. Their sky-rocketing business is a clear reflection of dosa’s pan India popularity and how much Indians love to smack up the hotly served dosas.

Today Mukunda Food feels immensely proud that our wonderful creation ‘dosamatic machine’ is making world of difference to dosa’s popularity. Our Dosamatic machine, which is the world’s first automatic table top dosa making machine, has been successfully installed across scores of commercial places across the country. From luxurious five star hotels to fast food centers and to even railway food outlets. Today at all these places, everyday hordes of customers are able to enjoy truly delicious and hygienic dosas.

While customers are happy munching lip-smacking dosas, the owners are enjoying a merry time as well. This is obviously because our Dosamatic machine is giving huge returns to them. Not only are they enjoying high customer retention, but the machine has also helped them in cutting down on labour and maintenance woes. In the past, restaurant owners went through lot of horrifying times to find a good chef and rising cost owing to maintenance issues also gave them sleepless nights. But thanks to dosamatic machine, these problems have now become things of past.

Now Mukunda Food is ready with newly improved dosamatic machine, which will further add to the happiness of our potential clients. Our new dosamatic machine comes with an aloo masala dispenser. This dispenser will drop the aloo masala at the exact place on Dosa and your masala dosa is ready in no time at all.

We added this new feature to our machine after receiving continuous suggestions through lot of customer feedbacks. Needless to say, we never take our customers for granted and hence adding masala dispenser to our machine was merely a matter of time.

So, come and experience our newly improved dosamatic machine. You won’t feel let down for sure. That’s our assurance.

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