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Dosamatic – a Dosa Machine that will permanently solve your labour problem

So you have a teasing question in your mind about why should you be spending fortunes of money on a Dosamatic machine? What good will this costly investment do to your hotel business? Well, we’d like to claim that our Dosamatic machine has been designed to efficiently resolve several critical problems faced by hotel owners. The most important and critical being the labour problem.

Road-side-bannerHotel or restaurant being a labour intensive business, its success solely depends on efficiency of labour.

Putting it more precisely, profitability of any hotel depends on efficiency of its cooking or catering staff.  Well, there is nothing rocket science about this, but as always finding an experienced and efficient catering staff is immensely challenging. The entire situation plays up like a tension ridden gambling game, where the odds of hitting a jackpot is apparently not very high.

However, let us presume that you’re lucky enough to hit a jackpot by finding an efficient and experienced dosa specialist. But this will solve your only one problem, while several more problems awaits you. To count a few: the pressure of salary hike, the inconsistency in quality and accommodation cost of your dosa specialist. Then there is a classic problem of your dosa specialist suddenly leaving the job and leaving your dosa business in hanging.

Now just take a deep breath and think about how these problems have an incremental impact on your hotel business. Even if you think very realistically, the adverse impact on your restaurant business is pretty huge. So huge that you may even have to shut your hotel business.

Now reverse the entire situation for a while and imagine that you’re completely free from all these problems: no salary hike problem, no quality issues and no accommodation cost. This may sound like a dream, but this is what our Dosamatic machine intends to do. It will solve your labour nightmare problem forever and we mean it literally.

Our Dosamatic machine will never give you headache for salary hike or accommodation cost. As for
quality, then consistency in quality is so terrific that even the most experienced dosa specialist chef will find it difficult to match it. But the awesome thing is that it is really damn easy to make dosas in our machine. So easy to make that even a hotel owner, who has never made a dosa, can make a tasty dosa in our machine in one minute. Not to mention that it can make 50 varieties of dosa. Lastly, our dosa machine will always stay loyal to you.

But what about the electricity bill and maintenance cost. Won’t these two factors undo all the positive things that Dosamatic machine has to offer? Doesn’t this make labour a more cheaper option? Well, it does not. Simply because Dosamatic is an energy efficient machine (consumes very less electricity) and requires negligible maintenance. Talking about maintenance, then Dosamatic has an auto cleaning feature that cleans the machine on its own.

All said and done, Dosamatic is your one stop solution for all your labour problems. Invest in this machine and labour problems will never come to haunt you again.

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