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Dosa & Idli find a new fan in Prime Minister Narendra Modi

While Dosas and Idlis have never failed to cast magic on common people, it has managed to sway even the most imminent personalities. This success can be attributed only to the irresistible taste that these two quintessential south Indian dishes offer to all its adherent lovers. But when this adherent fan happens to be none other than India’s honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the success of dosas and idlis becomes all the more special.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s love for idlis and dosas was publicly visible when Mr. Modi asked whether he will be treated with delicious dosa if he visits Tamil Nadu next time. The question was posed to an elderly woman Rudraamma through a video conference that helped the prime minister to have first-hand interaction with few selected women, who were chosen from millions of women in Tamil Nadu that benefitted from government scheme to offer cheap LPG gases to poor families.

Rudraamma, who was simply too overwhelmed, said prompt yes to prime minister’s request. However, instant approval of his request did not force Modi to divert his attention from Idli and dosa. He immediately asked Rudraamma whether she cooked dosas and idlis before securing LPG gas cylinder. Rudraamma replied that earlier cooking dosas and idlis on wooden stove was very difficult, but now it is relatively easy.

Modi’s fixation with dosa and Idli during the conversation may be partly because the concerned woman hailed from a southern state. However, regardless of regional affiliation with regards to cuisine, the conversation clearly brought forth prime minister’s love for idlis and dosas. Not to mention that one day Mr. Modi may visit Rudraamma’s home to enjoy one of his favorite south Indian dish.

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