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Dosa goes Tax Free!

Kerala government has made a big favour on all die hard dosa lovers by exempting the ‘dosa dish’ from proposed ‘fat tax’. The fat tax, which is one of its kind initiative by Kerala government, aims to discourage the consumption of junk foods like Pizza, doughnuts, patties and burger.

However, an appointed committee reportedly decided to exempt Dosa from the list. The decision was made after taking into consideration that the particular dish is one of the beloved snacks in Kerala. The Kerala government also gave due consideration to the fact that Dosa is comparatively far healthier than most junk foods that have arrived from western countries.

This now obviously means that there won’t be any exorbitant rise in price of Dosa across hotels and fast food restaurants, while other junk foods like burgers and pizzas will have to bear 14.5 percent fat tax.

It must be noted that Kerala does have a good number of burger and pizza lovers and they certainly won’t be too happy with this tax imposition. However, Kerala government is likely to pay little heeds to their views, as it is in immense pressure to fill its empty coffers. The state government’s coffers are lying dry owing to rampant corruption and fund mismanagement.

Kerala government, though, hopefully knows that several countries have had a bad experience with such tax, as they had to withdraw it later due to severe public backlash.

Does the same fate await Kerala government? Only time will say.  The state’s diehard dosa lovers, however, can continue to enjoy their dosas without any tension whatsoever.

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