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Entrepreneur and Businessman

Difference between Entrepreneur and Businessman

Difference between Entrepreneur and Businessman Most common misconception between many people is that both are the same. The difference between both of them is the same as the shark and the fish. The cause of this misconception is because they swim in the same ocean i.e the “Market”. They both provide jobs for the unemployed, give solutions to the consumers, and help in developing the economy of a certain nation. However, they are not the same kind of people. What people need to understand is that an Entrepreneur creates a new market for himself. They are the Inventors, They invest time, money and money on an Idea for a change, A change that is of immense satisfaction and an achievement for just himself in the primitive days and later for the entire society. An Entrepreneur is intuitive rather than the Calculative-typical of a businessman. They don’t worry about money as their greatest weapon or investment is their intelligence. An Entrepreneur treats his co-workers as his friends rather than subordinates as their ideas are phenomenal for his growth as well as the growth of his company. This doesn’t mean all Businessmen are mean and opportunistic but they are more like competitors with many people to compete. To have an edge against the Competition they usually have to take drastic measures. Usually many Entrepreneurs change into Businessmen on the Long run. The Entrepreneur starts his business based up on a start up rather than an already set up or working business. They are the Leaders of their own Business and his own competition is none other than himself, as he has to grow better everyday and has an obligation towards himself. Success is the history of the Entrepreneur. For the World being made a better place by the Surging Amount of the Entrepreneurs with their Brilliant Ideas-Mukunda foods aims to create its place with its own delicious ideas!

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