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Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Block chain, will you see any of these soon at a kitchen near you?

The use of AI, machine learning & other nerdy tools are not easy in today’s tech world. Specially if you are using Facebook, you already are reaping the joy of AI (artificial intelligence) by means of facial recognition. Also, if you are using Gmail on your mobile or using apple watch, the automatic replies for mails/messages is again part of beautiful AI & Machine learning algorithms. There is no doubt that AI & Machine learning are not technologies on the horizon, they are here and now. Helping the way you draft mails, buy your products online, surf the web, or even see ads.

The bigger question for those of us in the food industry is, will this technology in any way come into effect at various of our kitchens, and if so how? Will they solve problems of wastage, help decide on how many customers visit your outlet & be an answer to most of the guess work you make in your day to day business.

Some use cases that I can suggest would be-

No more guess work on visitors at your food outlet

As we speak there might be surely someone building a PoS system with an embedded AI or Machine learning tool that will predict the guests you could expect on the next day based on the previous data. The tools could be so well stitched that it discretely accesses not only your historic data, but also from the nearby other outlets (of course they should have to be using the same PoS), add their current and previous data, draw trends and give you information if you will need to make more coffee the next day.
With today’s tools in AI, machine learning & many other open source technologies, this predictable data should not be difficult. We are also guessing some of the global QSR giants like Dunkins, McD, Burger king might already be using such tools. But the day is not so far that every outlet will have AI sitting rite at the cash counter smiling back at a client along with your casher.

Can you recognise all your guests?

We all know that how effectively the iOS phones sort the people in your photos into one folder, and phones unlock with just smiling at the camera. Yes, we are speaking of the facial recognition software.

So, why not throw in some facial recognition in your outlet and recognise every customer by name? For those who feel that adding a sunglass or a cap to the customer might put the system in jeopardy, we feel that with “Deep Learning” tools coming handy, your system might be able to recognise someone even if they decide to walk in a few months later with a nice tan, new hair style or say a model walks in without her make up. This might be truly possible that even your newest boy at the counter will recognise a regular visitor by name, and make your guests feel happy.

Can you get a list of the allergies and a guest’s favourite food?

The advent of BitCoin and other crypto currencies took the world by storm way back in 2015. Till date there has been no major failure in the issue & use of bitcoins. Can every individual have their allergies, favourite foods & diet preferences stored in a peer to peer block chain? This will enable a world wide availability of data, which no one can tamper or use without the person’s acknowledgement. This way, I would not have to tell at every kitchen I order from that I am Vegetarian, but eggs & diary products are ok, & i would like my food spicy. This will go a long way in self ordering and in a QSR model, to save time. Today it becomes very difficult to custom make food at QSR levels (say McDonalds), with the advent of this model, the system can automatically display at ordering level. So say yes to more personalised food with Block Chain.

These technologies are no longer new or alien to our day to day lives. In-fact AI was first discussed and implemented in 1958! These technological implications will surely help the way guests enjoy food, and power pack a food outlet to enable more personalised service to each of their visitors.

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